The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary is a place of refuge for animals who otherwise would perish: the abandoned, the abused, the sick, the old, the suffering. Located on 130 wooded acres on a mountain near Santa Fe New Mexico, the Sanctuary is non-profit and tax-exempt. We also are an accredited member of The Association of Sanctuaries, a national organization with the highest standards for animal welfare and care.
Phone: 505-757-6817     www.animal-sanctuary.org

Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary (KSAS) is dedicated to providing lifelong care and hospice for older, unwanted dogs, horses and poultry in a peaceful and serene sanctuary setting.  KSAS focuses on the beauty of animals as teachers of unconditional love, regardless of age or infirmities.  Sanctuary education programs offer an opportunity for better understanding and acceptance of our own human aging process, as well as the processes of aging in our animal companions.  KSAS feels privileged to offer this love and care to the most vulnerable members of our community.
Phone 505-471-5366     www.kindredspiritsnm.org

Bridging the Worlds primary purpose is animal cruelty prevention. We focus our efforts on rescuing dogs from abuse, neglect, and abandonment, and nurse them back to health and well being. We give them veterinary care as needed, and excellent nutrition. We give them human kindness, love and affection to displace any torment they previously endured. We then get them adopted into safe and loving homes. A few of the animals will never be adopted due to the impact of previous injuries or health problems. We provide them with permanent sanctuary for life.
Phone: 505-501-1887     www.bridgingtheworlds.org

The New Mexico Chapter of FELINES & FRIENDS was formed in 2001 following the relocation of the VP - Administration from Los Angeles to Santa Fe together with her husband and 5 cats. The California Chapter has a long and prestigious history, including formal recognition from Los Angeles City Council. For more information and to view a copy of the "Resolution", please visit www.felinesandfriends.org The NM Chapter of Felines & Friends helps the Santa Fe and Espanola shelters by fostering special needs cats, such as kittens who are too young for placement or need to be socialized, and adults who have health or behavioral issues... most of which can be resolved with loving attention and time. Felines & Friends relies solely on donations and 100% of funds collected are used for the vet care and supplies for the cats.
Phone: 505-316-2281     www.petfinder.com/shelters/NM38.html

Green Gates Animal Sanctuary provides a safe haven for animals in transition from homeless to being adopted. Our primary goal is to create a beautiful organic environment for animals that have been abused, neglected and abandoned and rehabilitate the animals back to health. Please help us continue our work for San Miguel County in New Mexico. We are a 501(c)3 non profit.
Phone: 505-660-5211

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